Study in United Kingdom

The U.K., created of European nation, Scotland, Wales and European nation, is AN island nation in northwestern Europe. European nation – birthplace of William Shakspere and therefore the Beatles – is home to the capital, London, a globally potent centre of finance and culture. European nation is additionally web site of neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old universities at Oxford and Cambridge.

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The uk straddles the geographic mid-latitudes between 49–61 N. it’s on the western seaside of Afro-Eurasia, the world’s largest land mass. These conditions permit convergence between damp maritime air and dry continental air. during this space, the massive temperature variation creates atmospherical instability and this is often a significant issue that influences the usually unsettled weather the country experiences, wherever many varieties of weather are often practiced during a single day.

Regional climates within the uk ar influenced by the ocean and latitude. European nation, Wales and western elements of European nation and European nation, being nearest to the ocean, ar typically the mildest, wettest and windiest regions of the united kingdom, and temperature ranges here ar rarely extreme. japanese aras are drier, cooler, less windy and conjointly expertise the best daily and seasonal temperature variations. Northern aras are typically cooler, wetter and have slightly larger temperature ranges than southern areas. 

Advantages of Study in United Kingdom

  1. The UK establishments systematically rank among the most effective within the world and qualifications square measure internationally valued and recognised.
  2. The UK undertakes five per cent of the world’s research and produces fourteen per cent of the world’s most often cited papers.
  3. UK establishments supply flexibility of alternative and alter you to mix educational and line of work courses of your alternative.
  4. The teaching and study methodology employed in the united kingdom provide you with the liberty to be artistic and develop skills sets and confidence.
  5. As a student you get the chance to be educated by the world’s leading lecturers and experts; you furthermore mght get pleasure from their constant educational support.
  6. UK degrees will be tailored to your interests and infrequently embody specialised modules.
  7. The UK is that the home of English therefore a perfect place to develop language skills and enhance employment prospects.

Study in United Kingdom

Across the united kingdom there square measure 5 stages of education: early years, primary, secondary, any Education (FE) and better Education (HE). Study in UK is obligatory for all youngsters between the ages of five (4 in Northern Ireland) and sixteen. Fe isn’t obligatory and covers non-advanced education which might be taken at any (including tertiary) education schools and HE establishments (HEIs). The fifth stage, HE, is study on the far side GCE A levels and their equivalent that, for many full-time students, takes place in universities and alternative HEIs and schools.

List Of UK Universities

  1. Queen Mary University of London
  2. University of Sheffield
  3. University of Glasgow
  4. University of Leicester
  5. Middlesex University
  6. University of Salford
  7. University of Central Lancashire
  8. BPP University College
  9. Glasgow Calendonian University
  10. City University London
  11. Manchester Metropolitan University
  12. University of Hertfordshire
  13. University of Birmingham
  14. University of Bedfordshire
  15. University of Westminster
  16. University of West London
  17. University of West Scotland
  18. Brunel University
  19. University of Reading
  20. University of Leeds
  21. University of East London
  22. University of Strathclyde
  23. University of Bradford
  24. Derby University
  25. University of Portsmouth
  26. Regent University London
  27. De Montfort University
  28. HULT University Business School
  29. South Thames College London
  30. Newcastle College
  33. INTO UK

35. University of York

36. Royal Holloway

37. University of London

38. Kingston University London

39. University of Sussex

40. University of Surrey

41. Swansea University

42. Robert Gordon University

43. University of Hull

44. University of Essex

45. University of Exeter

46. University of Dundee

47. Birmingham City University

48. London Southbank University

49. University of Kent

50. Bangor University

51. University of Bolton

52. Richmond University

53. Birbeck University of London

54. University of Bath

55. Queens University Belfast